Selling Your Home Faster and for More
Tips for home sellers to get the best market
value for their South Padre Island property.

  • Increase Curb Appeal
    Now is a good time to get rid of any clutter around the yard, trim trees and bushes if needed, maybe even plant some flowers. Take care of any minor repairs and repaint if necessary. The outside of your home will make the dramatic first imprison on the home buyer. If you are selling a condo than you should get the property manager to try to expedite any repairs or maintenance that is needed.

  • Increase Interior Appeal
    You want to do what ever you can to make the interior appealing, especially for condos. The home that looks neat and well maintained, smells fresh and clean, and has pleasing colors and decors will sell the fastest. It is often suggested to remove any personal items and pictures of family and friends from the walls. These will make the customer feel less like, "this could be my home" and more like, "I'm in some strangers home." This also goes for clothing and personal heath care items. Keep the bathrooms and dressing rooms neat and free of clutter. As far as that goes, it is really best if no one is home when the real estate agent shows the property.

  • A Key Part of the Selling Is Setting the Right List Price
    Determine your home's fair market value. The first place to start is by evaluating comparable condos or homes that have sold recently. It's not hard to compare price per square foot and location, but that only give you an average. However; even apples off the same tree taste a little different. If you feel that your property is above average quality or you have done extensive remolding then you may want to seek out a professional appraiser to help justify the premium. On the other end you may have to settle for less than the average asking price if your property is suffering from age and neglect. If you set a firm asking price to high it probably won't sell for a long time. The harder it is to sell and the longer it is on the market the less interest it will be given by agents with serious customers. Not that they won't show it, it's that they will show the other hundreds of comparable properties first. On the other hand you don't want to settle for any less than the market will give. A willingness to negotiate on the price will get you more offers. But be prepared for some real lowball offers. Decide on what's the minimum you are willing to accept for your home and then price the property a little above that to give some room for negotiating. Your broker is the best source for helping you determine what the market will offer.

  • Make The House Accessible.
    The easier and more convenient it is to show your property the better. Many customers are only on the Island for a day or two and want to see as many properties as possible. If you require a twenty-four hour notice than you will miss out on a lot of potential buyers. If you require any more notice than that your property may hardly ever get shown. If your property is in rental then you may have a difficult time also. Most buyers are here during the busy seasons and weekends when you are most likely to have guest staying in your condo. You will have to decide which is better for your situation, selling faster, or collecting rental income while your house is on the market.

  • Choosing an Honest Reliable Listing Agent
    A good real estate agent will be essential to marketing your property. Choose one that is well experienced and does everything possible to market your property. The first and most important marketing move will be to get listed on the Multiple Listing Service to get the widest exposure to home buyers and even more importantly the real estate agent in the area. People don't often know this, but when a broker advertises new listings they are really targeting all the area real estate agents that your property is on the market. Anyone of hundreds of different agents may have a customer who has been looking for your property.

    Your broker will do all the marketing and advertising, gathering up all the legal descriptions, notifications, listing on MLS, taking care of all the paper work and legalities, provides signs, lockboxes and agency representation.

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