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Key Factors For Investing in High Rental Income Properties

We specialize in vacation condo rentals and beach houses on South Padre Island, Port Isabel, and Laguna Vista, TX. since 1987. With over 80 rental properties in our rental program we have just the right vacation condo or beach house to suit any family or group. Our full staff of rental professionals, property managers, maid services and maintenance will assure that your vacation rental will be properly serviced and cared for. Our realtors have specialized knowledge about rental income properties for those who invest in long term vacation real estate. Through years of experience in our rental management we have identified all the key factors for high income rental properties making us the number one choice for investors. Many of our clients are out of state investors who we have developed close relationships with to help locate and care for the best investment opportunities as they become available, while most others are repeat clients and local residents who choose Furcron Realtors and Property Management because they personally know us and know that we are honest and experienced professionals.

About Our Rental Management

Our rental management covers the full list of vacation rental demands including marketing, pricing, financial management, maintenance management, maid services, and risk management such as insurance and security issues, physical inspections and the use of the latest rental management technology. We also keep our clients informed about practical tips on rental and property management in general, and current events concerning the South Padre Island vacation rental and real estate markets. We can also provide help for practical home demands like repairs, decorating, furniture and replacing appliances. We are always there for our clients to handle any emergencies large or small day or night.

If you would like to hire a professional and honest rental management company for your vacation property on South Padre Island then contact us and we would be glad to evaluate the rental income potential with you. Most properties on South Padre Island have good income potential however; we cannot accept all properties into our rental management program for obvious quality and management considerations. If you’re planning in the future to invest in South Padre Island rental properties, then you need to talk to us before you buy. Through years of experience in our rental management we have identified all the key factors for high income rental properties making us the number one choice for investors.

Town of South Padre Island, Texas

There are a lot of ocean front properties and islands on the Gulf Coast but few have beautiful accessible beaches like South Padre Island. It’s not just worth traveling to but, this vacation island jewel is definitely one of the best places to invest in vacation real estate today! Because of its late start in developing the island has some of the best valued properties compared to any other world class beach vacation destination. Texas and especially South Texas is growing much more rapidly than the national average. It is estimated that demand for second homes and vacation properties, especially beachfront condos and houses, will rapidly outgrow the supply of available ocean front property. In the next ten to twenty years we will experience tremendous appreciation of prices on the island and especially in the beachfront property. Price trends will continue to move more in line with those we see today in the other prime beach resorts areas like Florida and California.